Yonex VCORE Midweight Pickleball Paddle

Item #: PCL01VCRM

Take your talents to the pickleball courts with the VCORE from Yonex. The VCORE is an aerodynamic shape, optimized with its own unique carbon graphite layup to create a tighter sweet spot to produce greater control, feel, and power. The Yonex VCORE consists of a slightly concentrated sweet spot, designed to accentuate spin and speed for the more experienced player. Midweight model comes in around 8.1 ounces. Inside the paddle Yonex includes Microparticle coating, an evenly aligned coating which helps provide improved grip. Yonex adds the thinnest, strongest glassfiber layer into the paddle to help generate power. The HT Graphite is Yonex's best and most responsive carbon graphite. Lastly, Yonex's core is PP Honeycomb. IF you are an experienced pickleballer look no further than the VCORE from Yonex.

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