You want to stand out on the court not only with your skills, but also with your equipment? You like power, precision and a perfect performance? You are not only into style when playing, but also want to make a visual statement? Then you will love our exclusive Wilson "Platinum" collection.

With great attention to detail, the Tennis-Point team has put together a team to give Wilson's top products a very special touch. The result is three absolute must-haves, which we would use ourselves without hesitation - created by tennis players for tennis players.
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Inspired by the paint and trim of classic sports cars, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 CV,  Wilson Blade 98 CV and Wilson Ultra 100 CV feature a satin silver finish and premium leather grip* strap. A design that combines state-of-the-art technology with a timelessly elegant look and is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

At the same time this Limited Edition is a homage to the "Wilson T2000". One of the first rackets made of steel to emerge in the 1970s and played by Billy Jean King and Jimmy Connors among others, it marked one of the key turning points in tennis racket evolution. From then on players began to think more about the nature of their equipment and started a process that continues to this day: the desire for innovation.

The rackets in the "Platinum" collection also feature the latest Countervail technology and, depending on the model, offer additional features to take your game to the next level.  

Real gems that should not be missing in any racket collection!

*Almost all tennis pros use a leather grip band under their overgrip as a base, since its angular winding up to the overgrip noticeably improves grip.
Pro Staff 97 CV
Blade 98 CV
Control the power!
Designed for today's aggressive play, the Blade is the most widely used racquet on the Tour. For a good reason, but here you combine power with absolute ball control.  

In the series, the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail is particularly distinguished by its small racket head (632 cm²) and tight string pattern. These factors provide the Blade-known control and precision. At the same time, the racket weighs 304 grams and provides the necessary power and ball acceleration.  

But the absolute highlight of the Wilson Blade 98 CV is the great feeling - the feeling at the meeting point. Easy in its handling, the innovative Countervail technology reduces vibrations in the frame and thus ensures optimum comfort.  

This makes the Wilson Blade 98 CV "Platinum" the perfect racquet for multifaceted player types.
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Play hard not heavy!The same precision, improved soft feeling and a high level of play for everyone. The Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail is the lighter version of the Design RF97 Autograph by tennis legend Roger Federer, but it doesn't have to fear comparison with its "big brother".  

On the contrary, thanks to its improved carbon-fibre technology, the Pro Staff 97 CV combines pleasant lightness with good handling. This allows the racquet to swing effortlessly and offers great spin potential. And thanks to the graphite woven into the frame, the player doesn't have to sacrifice the precise and consistent feel so typical of Wilson. In addition, the Countervail technology reduces vibrations in the arm, so that even inaccurate shots have no effect on the playing arm.  

Give your game the right spin and get the Wilson Pro Staff 97 CV "Platinum"!
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Aggressive variability!The Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail is one of the newest members of the Ultra range. A racket that you can confidently describe as a powerhouse. 300 grams of pure power combined with an innovative frame geometry promise more wins, more precise baseline shots and impressive volleys. Still, the Ultra 100 CV still offers good stability as the built-in Countervail technology reduces vibration for a confident feel.  

This makes the Wilson Ultra 100 CV "Platinum" an unbeatable all-rounder for aggressive players who do not want to miss the fine nuances of the game.
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Ultra 100 CV
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