Tennis Tip Tuesday with USPTA ELITE Professional Peter Freeman

It is our goal at Tennis-Point to not only give the best tennis equipment but also help you learn to play with that equipment to the best of your ability. Peter Freeman at Crunch Time gladly provides Tennis-Point with free weekly coaching tips for you to enjoy.
Roger Federer Slice Backhand Lesson

Tennis-Point is proud to offer a Free Training Series for those who need some more power to your game. The course was created by USPTA Elite Teaching Professional Peter Freeman who delivers our Tues Tip of the Week.

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Serve Lesson: Pirates of the Caribbean Serve Tip
Rafa Nadal Topspin Forehand Tutorial
The Complete Tennis Player Checklist
7 Steps: How To Hit A Reliable Approach Shot
Backhand Lesson: Federer's New & Improved Backhand
Serve Lesson: Eliminating the Double Fault
Secret Serve Tip
Part 3: Advanced Slice Serve Training
Part 2: How to master the placement of the serve
Part 1: How to add massive slice to your serve
Part 1: Power Serve Secrets
Tennis Serve Secret: Unlock Hidden Power
How to serve like the pros
The Rafa Top Spin
Trick Shot Challenge
Best Overhead Practice Drill EVER!!!
How to volley with power
Tennis confidence tips
Side Arm Stiff Arm
Slice Serve Fixer Quiz
Ice Skater Backhand
How to master the feeling of topspin
How to use the wall.
The Magic Hand Button for More Power and Control
Forehand Lesson The Elbow Power Pop
Tennis Lesson How to Kill Your Approach Shot & Never Miss
Serving Lesson How to Cure Your #1 Bad Habit on the Serve
Toe Spring Serve
The Driving Range Finish
Tennis Tips How to Stop Missing Volleys Problem Solved
3 Essential Serve Rituals
Modern Forehand Lesson in the Style of Roger Federer
5 Reasons Djokovic is Unstoppable
3 Common Overhead Mistakes & How to Fix Them
Insane slice serve
Tennis Wall Practice Number #1 Drill to Master the Overhead
Tennis training Top 5 tennis practice mistakes
Amazing Serve Tip?? Add Weight To Your Serve
What is your Tennis Window Of Opportunity?
Dr Freeze Master the Midcourt Forehand Volley
Add More Power by Breaking the Body Barrier
Learn the Topspin Lob 1
3 Check Points For Modern Forehand
Forehand Tennis Lesson Switch Foot Scissor Kick Forehand
Master the backhand slice.
New Head Line of Racquets Plus Forehand to Backhand Advice.
Know What a Swing Volley is?
Serve like throwing a football with Crunch Time Coaching...
Federer's Crazy New Return of Serve 'The Kamikaze'
Peter Freeman from the Western and Southern Tennis Tournament
Pin Point Accuracy with your Slice Serve plus Big Plays
Don't Forget Your Forehand Slice
How Do You Hit a One Handed Back Hand on the Run?
Learn the Kick Serve
Low Approach Shot for Tennis
Placement and Control.
Do You Have Chronic Back Hand Hiplock?
Learn The Double Extension.
Learn The One Handed Backhand Tip.
Learn The Waiter Volley.
Learn The Fed Draw Play.
Learn The Rafa Tuck.
Learn about The Best Slice Serve Drill in the World.
Learn about The Dangle.
Learn about Footwork.
Learn about The Backhand Racket Drop.
Learn about the slice backhand.
Learn about the cylinder tip.
Learn about The Tennis Selfie.
Take a ride in the Tennis Boat.