Tourna Big Hitter Blue 17 (660ft.) REEL

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Item #: BHB-200-17
Tourna Big Hitter Blue is an incredibly soft monofilament string made with co-polyether. Top 10 rated monofilament according to 2007 RSI blind string testing. Rates in top 5 for durability, spin, tension maintenance, and resistance to movement. Incredibly soft poly gives great feel and comfort compared to other polys. Very comparable to Luxilon at a fraction of the price!

Length: 660ft. (200m)
Gauge: 17 (1.25mm)

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5 star average rating
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June 01, 2014
Better than luxilon rough but much cheaper
This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

This has to be the best string i have used, when you factor in cost and playability. It feels and plays the same as luxilon rough, except its half the price and the bonus being it holds tension for twice the amount of time than luxilon.