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What is the Tennis-Point Rewards Program?

The Tennis-Point Rewards Program is our rewards program that allows you to earn points that you can redeem for gift cards that can be used towards future purchases at Tennis-Point.

How do I join Tennis-Point Rewards?

New users who create an account will automatically be opted in to the Tennis-Point rewards program. Existing customers will be opted into the rewards program when they login to their account. Create an account or login here.

Only one loyalty account is allowed per customer

What is the difference between the three tiers?

Tiers in the loyalty program are based on lifetime dollars spent, which is the total number of dollars spent since joining the loyalty program. There are three tiers in the program, and as you advance to a higher tier within the Tennis-Point Rewards program, you earn rewards even faster. Tiers never expire since they are based on lifetime dollars spent.

How do I redeem a reward / what happens when I redeem a reward?

To redeem a reward, login to your Tennis-Point Account and navigate to the ’my rewards’ section to view your available rewards. Click the ‘redeem’ button to redeem your chosen award. When you redeem a reward, you will be sent an email with a gift card to use towards your next purchase. The points used to redeem the reward will be deducted from your available points balance. When you checkout, enter your gift card code in the ‘payment information’ section.

Tennis-Point reserves the right to refuse rewards redemption in certain cases. Some examples include resellers, marketplace sellers and freight forwarders.

Tennis-Point gift cards expire 365 days after being issued

When I redeem points, can my gift card be used in combination with other Tennis-Point coupon codes?

Yes, your loyalty reward gift cards can be used in combination with Tennis-Point coupon codes. Under ‘Payment Information’ in the checkout process, you have the option to use both a coupon code and a gift card toward your order. **Note: Refer A Friend coupon codes cannot be used in combination with other Tennis-Point coupon codes.

Can I redeem multiple rewards and use them towards my next purchase?

Yes, multiple reward gift cards can be used towards one purchase

Are points automatically redeemed once I reach a certain point value?

No, points can accumulate until you wish to redeem them. Points will not be automatically redeemed; you must choose to redeem them in your rewards account.

Do my points expire?

Yes, reward points expire after 1 year of inactivity. Activities that keep the account active are:

Can I earn points on all products purchased from Tennis-Point?

No, select products are excluded from the Tennis-Point rewards program. Exclusions Below:

**Exclusions May Apply to Select MAP Products

Are there other restrictions on points earned?

When a rewards gift card or a demo rebate is used to pay for part or all of an order, that amount will be deducted from the points earned for that order.

What happens to my Tennis-Point Rewards points when part of my order is cancelled or returned?

The points you earned on the canceled or returned items will be deducted from your Tennis-Point Rewards balance when you cancel or return your order.

Who is eligible to join Tennis-Point Rewards?

Tennis-Point Rewards is a loyalty program offered to account holders. Account holders with ATP and PTR affiliations are not eligible to join Tennis-Point Rewards. Resellers/trans-shippers are not eligible to join Tennis-Point Rewards.

Tennis-Point reserves the right to deny eligibility as deemed necessary.

Are there restrictions on what I can purchase using my rewards?

Yes. Rewards cannot be used to purchase Tennis-Point Online Gift Cards

Tennis-Point reserves the right to terminate the loyalty program at any given time, as deemed necessary.