Tennis Elbow

The Best Racquets for Tennis Elbow

A heavier racquet will absorb more of the shock from the ball, so we recommend you choose the heaviest racquet that you can swing comfortably. Be careful not to choose a racquet that is too heavy. This could cause you to swing with improper form as you aim for more power. The length of your racquet can also impact your elbow. A longer racquet will cause more strain in your elbow since you make contact with the ball farther from your body. A more open string pattern and larger head size allows for better deflection of the ball, putting less strain on your arm. Lowering the string tension and choosing a softer string can also provide relief to your elbow, but will also reduce your directional control. Make sure your grip size is correct and that the grip surface provides good traction. According to the USRSA, players will need to restring more frequently if they are sensitive to shock or prone to arm injuries.

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