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Work on your ace in the best Reebok workout gear

Reebok is one of the most established sports brands in the world and has been setting trends in sports since the mid-eighties. Their connection to tennis apparel was solidified with the popularity of the Reebok sneaker, known as the Club C, among professionals and amateur enthusiasts. The Reebok Workout range builds on the brand's tennis apparel legacy by providing a selection of suitably-styled items for men and women that includes shorts, tops, workout bras and hoodies. Whether you are a competent pro, a rising star or just enjoy a good workout with friends, the Reebok workout series offers a refined set of features that are ideally suited to the court. Make the journey from the court to the car and beyond with confidence, thanks to the keen fashion sense that is blended into each item. Make no mistake, however: Reebok tennis apparel is created with performance in mind.

Tennis and Reebok: an easy blend

In many ways, Reebok clothing and its style have grown up with tennis and vice versa. The restrained and monochromatic tendencies of their clothing styles made them a natural choice for players looking to stand out while still adhering to the long-standing dress codes and conventions that go hand in hand with the extensive legacy of the sport itself. In turn, Reebok began to tailor their style to reflect the understated cool of professional tennis, ultimately resulting in a series of items that were fit for both the court and the street. While the traditional 'shorts and t-shirt' kit is still a firm favourite, you can now create a multitude of different looks using a range of different clothing items, including men's loose-fit training pants, women's tight leggings and a series of upper-body sports garments such as hoodies, mesh tank tops and workout-ready sports bras.

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