Tecnifibre TFight ISO Racquet Review

By:Chase Pearson

The Brand

Until recent years, Tecnifibre was not a well-known brand to the masses. The French brand has been around for 44 years and has just recently really earned some of the spotlight. A large part of this ascendance is due to the rise of Daniil Medvedev and Iga Swiatek earning the world No. 1 position in 2022 whilst using a Tecnifibre racquet. Along with the late success during the summer swing of tennis by Chris Eubanks and Tallon Griekspoor. In this racquet review, we will be focusing on the Tecnifibre TFight ISO, if you are interested in seeing Tecnifibre's whole line check out Tennis-Point.

Daniil Medvedev is the face of the new Tecnifibre TFight ISO 305, the former US Open Champion has brought light back to the brand, and for good reason. This racquet is a top-of-the-line intermediate to advanced-level racquet. The style of play is suited for people who love to redirect pace and want a maneuverable racquet that harbors power and precision. Fitting the style exactly of how Daniil Medvedev plays. If you don't feel this is your playstyle, read further to understand how this racquet still could be a good fit.