Tecnifibre Champion Tennis Balls (Case)

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Item #: 60CHAUS243


Versatile pressure ball, suitable for matches and training It can be played on all surfaces. ITF and FFT approved. Features Tecnifibre EnduroCore technology that helps with both great feel out on the court and durability.

Three Balls per can, 24 cans per case

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5 star average rating
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April 06, 2023
Best balls out there
This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

These are high quality balls. The bounce is great and they last a long time. I’ll play 3 sets and then I’ll use these for practice balls the following day or week, and they still bounce great. It’s too bad other balls don’t have the same quality and retain their bounce as long as these do. These are the best balls, and under the radar for most tennis players.