Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Bob F. | Showroom, played 32 years

Bob once played a tennis tournament in China.

Colleen L. | Marketing, lifelong player

Colleen is trying her best to resist the draw of pickleball, but it's so fun and usually ends with cocktails.

Nathan H. | Customer Service, played 15 years

As a student, Nathan visited one of our sister locations in Germany before coming to work for Tennis-Point US.

Trisha F. | Showroom, lifelong player

Trisha still has her Prince Pro racquet (with the original leather grip) from high school that she bought with babysitting money.

Nate W. | Social Media, played 20 years

Nate can't go more than a day without eating Chick-Fil-A.

Clare H. | Showroom, played 17 years

Clare proudly drives a stick shift.

Piper S. | Marketing, played 11 years

Piper can do the splits, but definitely needs to stretch beforehand.

Brody T. | Showroom, played 6 years

Brody has never eaten a taco.

Mike K. | Stringing, played 15 years

Mike loves the Chicago Bears and wears a backwards Bears cap every day.

Ethan W. | Showroom, played 13 years

Ethan has two golden retrievers, Winston and Stella.

Bartosz L. | Marketing, played 15 years

According to Bartosz, the best ice cream is actually sorbet.

Austin P. | Marketing, played 23 years

Austin's initials are "ATP."

Kasey C. | Showroom, played 10 years

While serving as a ball boy at the Western and Southern Open, Kasey was drilled by a Denis Shapovalov serve.

Jon M. | Sales, played 6 months

True to his Midwestern roots, Jon is very good at cornhole.