Solinco Tour Bite 15L (656 ft.) Reel

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Item #: SOLTBR15L
Solinco Tour Bite 15L reel is a versatile co-poly option in the Solinco family of strings and is designed and shaped to generate extreme power, maximum bite and intense spin potential. Innovative co-poly monofilament shaped to amplify spin and ball bite. 656 ft. reel for frequent stringers.

  • Length: 656ft. (200m)
  • Gauge: 15L (1.35mm)
  • Color: Silver
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5 star average rating
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June 27, 2015
Solinco vs Luxilon
This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

This string is much cheaper than Luxilon and has the same power and spin as luxilon has