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Rafael Nadal
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Keeping up with Rafa Nadal…

  • Known as the “King of Clay,” 63 of his 88 career titles are on clay, contributing to his 474-45 record on the surface, including a historic 14 Roland Garros, 11 Monte Carlo, and 10 Rome Masters 1000 titles; also only the second player to win a career grand slam and an Olympic gold medal (Beijing 2008) in addition to leading the GOAT race with 22 major titles—all without ever having smashed or broken a racquet
  • Heavily involved in philanthropic and charitable efforts to promote youth tennis through the various Rafa Nadal Tennis Academies, raising money for COVID-19 relief, providing aid to victims of the 2018 Majorca floods, and frequent collaborations with the Roger Federer Foundation
  • Featured in the music video for Shakira’s “Gypsy” in 2010; also the namesake for a main belt asteroid discovered in 2003, the 128036 Rafael Nadal