Pickleball Paddles for Dummies

Pickleball, also known as giant ping pong, also known as mini tennis, is currently taking over the nation and is seemingly here to stay, meaning that it’s time to get in the know.

While tennis racquets may be confusing, pickleball paddles are a bit more opaque because there are not nearly as many factors that go into a paddle’s composition: paddles have no string, beam variability, balance difference, swingweight, etc. Aside from the different colors, pickleball paddles all kind of look the same. Yet there are a few key tech specs to know that the discerning coach and player should know:

Like tennis racquets, it’s always best to try out a pickleball paddle before buying, but if you’re already familiar with the game and can understand these specifications, then it’s much easier to buy online and give recommendations. Personal preference ultimately determines who plays with what paddle, so there is no correlation between paddle type and ability. After all, the player has to play the game, not the paddle.