Novasurface Ready To Use Acrylic Resurfacer



Novasurface Ready to Use Acrylic Resurfacer is a heavy sand filled 100% acrylic coating that fills in the voids of the asphalt pavement and prepares the asphalt pavement or concrete for the Novacourt Color System.

Used for new asphalt Pickleball + tennis and Basketball courts.

Used on existing courts to hide repairs like cracks and birdbaths after they are repaired.

Applied with either a heavy nap roller or neoprene squeegee.

May be used on concrete after the application of CP-761 Concrete primer or Novapoxy expoxy primer.

Package 5 gallon pail

Weight: 70 pounds

Color: Black

Coverage rate: 65 square feet per gallon

Dilution: Pre mixed ready to use no dilution.

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