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The story behind Pete Sampra’s favourite shoe

The Nike Air Oscillate is the result of a very special encounter. In the 1990s, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras were THE tennis players. Between 1989 and 2002 they competed a total of 34 times against each other.
In 1997, the Air Oscillate made history in an amusing way. The shoe was developed without the knowledge of Pete Sampras and attempts were made to convince him of the new model, which was not that easy. For the tennis star did not want a new shoe - he had been wearing the same Nike shoe for almost his entire career and was quite satisfied with his Nike sneakers. But the Nike designer Tinker Hatfield had an idea how he could trick Pete Sampras. He seized an opportunity to invite Pete Sampras to a basketball pick-up game and gave him the Oscillate shoes to try...
The tennis legend was immediately thrilled by the shoes and when he realised that the Air Oscillate was not a basketball shoe but in fact a tennis shoe designed specifically for him, the sneakers became the absolute favourite of the tennis legend for the next seven years. Now the Air Oscillate is returning to the court in two classic colours. The upper is made of sewn leather while the strong Nike Air midsole provides for great stability.
NIKE Oscillate