Putterman Lathe Leno 9 x 60 Windscreen

  • Putterman Lathe Leno 9 x 60 Windscreen
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Putterman's Lathe Leno windscreen stands up to weather elements and standard abrasion from player activity. A stylish and economical application for both commercial and athletic facilities, its unique leno weave you get the required shading for privacy, while doing away with the extra cost of sewn vents. Made from a 4.85 oz. open polypropylene, Lathe Leno is easy to install and highly durable. Windscreens are a functional and aesthetic addition to your tennis courts. They provide a dark backdrop against which players can see and react to ball movement better. They serve to break up gusting winds and allow consistent, even air flow. Windscreens minimize annoying distractions from nearby swimming pools, parking lots, highways, and players on adjacent courts. They give courts a professional appearance and increase playing pleasure by providing a consistent background and color.
    Product Details:
  • Standard 9 X 60 foot size
  • 4-ply reinforced hems with grommets every 12 inches.
  • 87% shade factor
  • Available in Black or Forest Green

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Item #: LALE-9-CSTM