Lobster Tennis Ball Machines

Here you’ll find five different Lobster tennis ball machine models to choose from, each available with free shipping. These workhorses are created with high-quality materials and are built to last — but are also easy to maneuver thanks to oversized wheels and an ergonomic design. From high lobs to quick ground strokes, Lobster tennis ball machines will soon have you returning every type of shot imaginable while you condition and strengthen your body at a pace of 750 balls per hour!

In addition to Lobster tennis ball machines, here you’ll also find a variety of Lobster machine accessories, including fast chargers, external battery packs, wireless remotes, storage covers, and more. These supplies will keep your machine up and running and keep you on your toes for long hours of practice. Check out Tennis Point's selection of Lobster products today and get ready to expand your skills one swing at a time.