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Tennis Tip Tuesday with USPTA ELITE Professional Peter Freeman

It is our goal at Tennis-Point to not only give the best tennis equipment but also help you learn to play with that equipment to the best of your ability. Peter Freeman at Crunch Time gladly provides Tennis-Point with free weekly coaching tips for you to enjoy. View the Full Video Library


Finding the right tennis equipment can be a challenge. Tennis-Point has written a comprehensive selection of tennis buying guides to help you find the perfect gear for you! Whether you're shopping for a new racquet or a new set of strings, the best tennis shoes for your court type, or advancing to the next level with a tennis ball machine, we've got you covered.

Still have questions? We're always here to help! Contact our customer service and we'll help pick you something great!

Tennis Racquet Buying Guide
Tennis Shoe Buying Guide
Tennis Ball Buying Guide
Tennis String Buying Guide
Tennis Ball Machine Buying Guide

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