Increasing Grip Size When talking about grip sizes you basically have 5 grip sizes to choose from.
  • USA = Europe
  • 4-1/8 = 1
  • 4-1/4 = 2
  • 4-3/8 = 3
  • 4-1/2 = 4
  • 4-5/8 = 5
  • It is very important to purchase the proper grip size however you may need to "customize" or increase the size of your grip. There are multiple ways to achieve a successful customized grip.

  • When increasing your grip, remember that by increasing the size of your grip, you are changing the weight, balance, and swingweight of the racquet. For example, most people need to increase grip size because of the growth of their hand, if that is the case, the minimum amount of weight added to the racquet is a non-issue. Building the racquet up 1 grip size adds about a 1/2 ounce onto the racquets total weight.

    Customize your racquet up 1 grip size with an add-on or build up sleeve, following these steps:

  • Items needed:
    -Needle nose pliers to remove butt cap staples
    -Razor knife to cut off excess heat shrink sleeve
    -Heat shrink sleeve (can be purchased at Tennis-Point)
    -Heat gun (can be purchased at Tennis-Point)
    -Staple gun to put butt cap back on along with starting grip

    1. Remove grip. The buttcap also needs to be removed for a customized grip to be completely proper.
    2. Slide the heat shrink sleeve over the grip less handle overlapping the end of the handle 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch.
    3. Heat the shrink sleeve until it takes the shape of the handle completely no bubbles can be left in the shrink sleeve. This would cause a very uncomfortable and inaccurate grip.
    4. Trim off the excess heat sleeve at bottom of racquet using the razor knife.
    5. Once the excess is trimmed it is time to attach the butt cap using the staple gun. While you have the staple gun out attach new grip.

  • This customization is easily reversible at any time by taking off the grip and butt cap and removing the add-on sleeve with razor knife.
  • If you are only looking to increase your grip 1/2 grip size adding an over grip is the easiest and most efficient way.