Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Tour Tennis Racquet

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Head introduces a new model into the Extreme series, with a small head size than the rest of the range, the Extreme Tour! The 2020 Extreme Tour designed for advanced tournament players who are looking for optimal spin and power.

Head has implemented “Graphene 360+” into the Extreme Tour with the combination of Head’s signature Graphene 360 technology for optimized energy transfer and the innovative “spiral fibers” for enhanced flex & a clean impact feel. With its spin grommets which allow more string movement and a powerful trampoline effect on impact with the ball, the Extreme Tour is your ultimate spin machine. The Extreme series is endorsed by Matteo Berrettini.

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    Racquet Specifications

  • Headsize: 98 sq. in.
  • Length: 27 in.
  • Weight (strung): 11.4 oz.
  • Stiffness (Babolat RDC): 65
  • Balance: 13 in. Head Light (6pts)
  • Cross Section: 22/23/21mm
  • Swingweight: 320 kg*sq. cm
  • String Pattern: 16x19
  • Grip: Hydrosorb Pro
  • Stringing Tips: Two piece racquet. Main String Skips: Throat: 7,9 | Head: 7,9

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3.5 star average rating
Overall Rating: 3.5/5.0
Customer Reviews
April 21, 2021
This shopper rated the product 4 out of 5 stars

I like the over feel of the racquet. It is very responsive and maneuverable. It is very light so I need to add some lead tape to the head but I think the racquet is very customizable that way. Excellent on serves. Great for spin. A little hard to control flat shots. The 4 center mains are close together like a prestige which I like. But if you hit it a little outside of that the ball flies a bit more. Really forgiving on the wrist, elbow and shoulder. Overall I’d say really good for the intermittent to advanced baseliner.

Ben m
August 29, 2020
This shopper rated the product 3 out of 5 stars

Very comfortable with decent power and spin. Sweetspot is small, sits pretty low in the hoop and leaves the upper hoop very dead. Mine was slightly under spec so it was unstable on mishits especially at net. This frame begs to have lead weight added and plays much better with 12-20g of extra weight. Grip sizes are on the small size. Tight string pattern means low launch and penetrating balls that flat hitters will love. Not really an ‘extreme’ frame in my opinion but a good players racquet once you add weight.