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How our Stringing Service works

  • Ship us your racquet
  • Our expert (certified) string technicians will string your racquet to your specification within 48 hours
  • We will ship your racquet back to you for free
  • $24.95 + cost of string

The more you play, the greater the change in the tension of your racquet strings. The racquet service experts at Tennis-Point are MRT certified to perform custom stringing on your racquet to get it back in shape regardless of the brand or where it was purchased.

Restringing ensures your game remains in peak form. You may feel that your racquet is losing its “punch” at the net. As tension in your strings declines, your strings stretch more at impact, cushioning the ball’s landing and minimizing your racquet’s “squashing effect.” This leads to a loss of control and inconsistent play. Maintain your style of play by restringing as many times per year as you play each week.

How to Order

A few simple steps will get your racquet back into shape for your best play.

  • Select the brand of racquet you'll be sending to us (or Hybrid stringing option if you prefer)
  • Select your string from our wide selection
  • Select your tension(s)
  • Add the stringing service to your cart
  • At checkout, you can add a note to your order with special instructions, string tension, etc.

We recommend that you pack your racquet in an appropriate, sturdy box (we ship in 30in x 12in x 2in boxes) with substantial padding to avoid damage in shipment. We also suggest that you ship us your racquet by a method which allows you to track the package.

Ship your racquet(s) to:
Attn: Stringing Department
11613 Reading Rd
Cincinnati OH 45241

Questions? Give us a call at 800-334-4580

At what tension should I have my racquet strung?

55 to 65 pounds is a common tension range. The higher end will provide more control. The lower end will provide more power. Remember, increasing power reduces control and increasing control reduces power. We suggest finding your ideal tension, string your racquet in the middle of your frame's suggested range. After you play a few times, you'll be faced with one of three scenarios:

  • You have the ideal amount of control and power. If this is the case, you've found the right tension..
  • You didn't get enough control. Increase your racquet's string tension by 2 pounds. You'll lose some depth on your shots, but you'll gain control.
  • You didn't get enough power. String your racquet at a slightly lower tension. Remember, though, that if you lower the tension too much, the strings will become trampoline-like and you'll have significantly less control.

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February 01, 2022
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Fast and easy to use

Don Ford
November 12, 2021
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Great stringing service, fast , good price and perfectly strung . Highly recommend.

April 23, 2021
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Very pleased with the string and stringing job