Babolat Technologies

Babolat Technology Guide

GT Technology

Babolat Graphite Tungsten Technology

Babolat’s GT technology was implemented to provide ideal stability at ball impact. With GT technology, the frame is strengthened which reduces the torque, allowing for great precision. The additional rigidity through GT technology provides ultimate control and additional power.

Cortex Technology

Babolat Cortex Technology

The ultimate comfort technology from Babolat. The Cortex Dampening System interface was put into Babolat’s racquets to enhance feel by canceling out vibration frequencies. This technology is offered in two versions, the “Cortex System” focuses in on pure feel, reducing harmful vibrations. Babolat’s second offering, “Cortex Active” dampens vibrations allowing for maximum comfort.

FSI Technology

Babolat FSI Technology

Babolat created a higher sweetspot on the string bed for additional power and comfort in the hitting zone. Frame String Interaction technology is located in the hoop of the racquet, allowing the ball to stay on the stringbed 25% longer than traditional racquets.

Woofer System

Babolat Woofer System Technology

Babolat’s Woofer system is the first and most effective frame to string linking system. This technology allows for longer ball and string contact time, creating maximum comfort and greater control.

Elliptical Geometry

Babolat Elliptic Geometry Technology

Babolat’s elliptical frame shape is designed specifically to eliminate any added weight, frame twisting or racquet bending.

Aeromodular2 Technology

Babolat Aeromodular2 Technology

Babolat’s second generation Aeromodular technology, located in the middle of the frame, allows for a 10% quicker response through the air, offering that ultra fast racquet head speed so many players seek.

Aero Technology

Babolat Aero Technology

Aerodynamic frame shape allows the racquet to advance through the air at a faster pace, giving the player an easier opportunity to create optimal power and spin.

EVO Beam

Babolat EVO Beam Technology

Babolat’s unique beam thickness (21/23/21mm) featured on Pure Strike racquets, gives the racquet less torque at ball contact, creating a livelier response.

X- Sider Technology

Babolat X Slider Technology

Babolat’s X-Sider frame shape increases the sweetspot by 10% allowing for better forgiveness on off-centered hits.

Play Technology

Babolat Play Technology

Babolat's Play connected racquet's has sensors integrated into the handle that allows players to have access to an assortment of information regarding ones game. This Play racquet records the type and number of strokes (forehand, backhand, serve, smash) spin level, ball impact, location, total and effective play time, power, endurance, technique, consistency, energy and rallies. Data recorded by the Babolat Play racquet is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet or on a computer via USB port in racquet buttcap.

Pop Technology

Babolat Pop Technology

Babolat's POP Wristband can be paired with a smartphone and play connected with any tennis racquets. Babolat's POP collects exciting data about players’ performance, and allows them to challenge and interact with friends via social and gaming features.

Stabilizer Technology

Babolat Stabilizer Technology

Babolat’s stabilizer technology, blends a square beam with an elliptical beam creating a hybrid frame construction for more responsiveness at impact.

Flex Carbon

Flex Carbon

Babolat’s Flex Carbon, is the material featuring a lower density of carbon fibers for a more flexible feel.

Response Woofer

Response Woofer

Babolat’s Response Woofer is new material in the Woofer Grommet System called PEBEX, improves performance and energy restitution.