Babolat RPM Blast 18G (660 ft) REEL

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Item #: 243091-18G
Babolat RPM Blast 18 is a great ultra thin poly option based on the string used by Andy Roddick and Rafael Nadal. An excellent choice for big hitters looking for extra spin. Octagonal (8-sided) cross-section adds the extra bite on the ball for added topspin and slice. New high density co-polymer polyester (PET) monofilament combined with a new cross-linked silicone coating provides even more spin and greater ball control. Convenient reel for frequent stringers.


  • Technology: 8-sided co-polymer monofilament polyester with silicone coating.
  • Length: 660 ft/200 m
  • Gauge: 18 (1.20mm)
  • Color: Black

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3 star average rating
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February 03, 2014
More spin, More string
This shopper rated the product 3 out of 5 stars

I was able to generate more spin on my ball using this string but I have to re- string my racket more frequent than usual. A little bit expensive compare to other string.

USTA 4.0