About the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund

Tennis-Point will support the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund. We will be raising funds to help Red Cross emergency teams continue to be there in the wake of these devastating fires:

  • Welcoming people in evacuation centres and recovery hubs. Listening, comforting, making people’s wellbeing their number one priority.
  • Locating missing loved ones through Red Cross’ Register.Find.Reunite service.
  • Providing emergency grants to those who’ve lost their homes to fires this summer, to cover immediate and everyday expenses.
  • Staying long after the disaster has passed. 1:1 support as people recover, and resilience programs for the wider community.
  • Ongoing training, education and community outreach in preparation for the next disaster, be it here in Australia or further afield.
  • Your donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery helps our emergency teams to do their work – including the bushfires and heatwaves we’re currently seeing and disasters yet to come.

    It enables us to give people the support they need in disasters: whether that’s help to prepare, a safe place to take shelter, psychological first aid, information, and practical support through the months and even years it can take to recover. The vast majority of our team are volunteers. The Disaster Relief and Recovery fund covers their costs, including training, equipment and transport as well as the coordination effort to ensure our teams are where the community needs them to be.

    If you’d like to pitch in a little extra, please donate at Redcross.org

    Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund