Racquet Replacement
When should you replace your racquet?

Has your racquet lost its "pop"? Some things in life are designed to last forever – your tennis racquet isn't one of them.

Demo Tennis Racquets
Can I test a racquet before purchasing?

Changing racquets is a big decision. Once you've done your research, make sure you take the time to try your top contenders to see which racquet is the best for you.

Demo Tennis Racquets
How often should you restring your racquet?

For those who play 3 days a week, they can typically get by with restringing their racquet 3 times a year, for anyone playing 5 days a week, they would restring their racquet 5 times a year. This is an easy way to keep track of your racquet strings.

Tennis Elbow
What are the best racquets for tennis elbow?

A heavier racquet will absorb more of the shock from the ball, so we recommend you choose the heaviest racquet that you can swing comfortably.

Over Sized Racquets
Why do you need an oversized racquet?

Why Consider an Oversized Racquet? An ovesized racquet has a head size over 105 square inches. These racquets have key advantages over their midsized counterparts, but a few disadvantages to consider.