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An Insight to Your Favorite: Annika Beck

Born on 16 February 1994, Annika Beck is a brilliantly talented tennis player from Germany. At her young age of twenty-one, she has already baffled the worldwide spectators of her game with the freshness and promising force of her performance and a stirring presence on the courts. She presently ranks as the world No. 41 in singles, which is the highest career ranking she has had in this particular category till now, and holds the rank of world No. 108 as the highest career ranking in the double. She has a distinctive Annika Beck tennis player style that has got her two WTA and seven ITF career titles in singles and one WTA career title in doubles as well. She has tested the skill of her game on all the four sacred grounds of tennis. In the Australian Open in 2013 and 2014, the French Open in 2014 and 2015, the Wimbledon in 2013 and 2014, and the US Open of 2013, 2014 and 2015 in both singles and doubles categories. She has shown an admirable strength while facing her opponents and has had the entire tennis sphere counting on her victories in numerous of her matches. She has been a pro since 2009 and training thoroughly with her Coach Robert Orlik, she promises us with many fabulous performances in the time to come.

Annika Beck Tennis Products and the Indispensible Role in Tennis

She is a very strong player with a distinctive way of tackling the attacks of her opponents with reciprocated vigor and sharp determination for victory. All the players with a unique style of their own understand how the key to a perfect performance in a game like tennis resides in the apt combination of the equipment and accessories with the skill of every individual. The selection of your aids for the match could play a decisive role in the outcome of every match. Our champ herself favors the matchless build and fine models of Burn 100LS from the tournament range of Wilson and the Tour 100 16x18 from the tournament range of Prince when it comes to the perfect rackets. The comfort and style of her presence during the match comes from the comfortable clothing that Nike extends to her, and the brand also powers her agile movements on the court with its exciting range of power packed shoes. When you are well geared and ready in the apt outfits, the quality of your performance can surprise even yourself.

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Annika Beck Outfits

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